Show Review / Photos – Lorna Shore

The crowd of thirty people at The Metal Grill here in Milwaukee was lively, to say the very least.  If you love to mosh and drink alcohol, a Lorna Shore / Bodysnatcher / Extortionist / Hives / Impressions / Wicked World show is perfect for you.  These bands come from as far as New Jersey and Florida, though Impressions and Wicked World are local.

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Mary’s May 2017 Playlist

Hey everyone! I thought for this month I would put a short playlist together with songs I haven’t been able to stop listening to for a few months.

I first heard the song “Afterlife” by XYLØ on one of my favourite TV shows “The Originals” and instantly fell in love with the band.  I really recommend listening to them, especially their other songs “Bang Bang,” “BLK CLD” (Black Cloud), and “Fools Paradise.”  This playlist is more on the relaxing, melodic side, so it’s perfect for pre-finals stress.  Enjoy 🙂

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Real Friends Concert May 2017

Here are some photos I took at the Real Friends concert at The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, California.

This show was completely unexpected for me. When I was told that I had to purchase a ticket in order to get a photo pass, I decided not to go. But then, I won two free tickets from Oh My Rockness. So of course, I had to go.

Unfortunately, they approved way too many photographers for how small the pit was, so I got better photos of the opening acts, Broadside, Tiny Moving Parts, and Have Mercy than Real Friends (I missed Nothing, Nowhere because I was busy eating chicken nuggets).

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Album Review – “Graveyard Shift” by Motionless In White

It has felt like ages since Motionless In White released new music.  Yet here we are, over two and a half years later.  Reincarnate, released back in September of 2014, did not impress me at first.  I was just simply not excited over what they had put out.  Currently, it is my favourite album of all time without a doubt.  Each song on the album has a different meaning to me, and I see it as a distinct masterpiece created by one of the very best bands in any subgenre of rock music.

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Tiny Animals – Band Review

It’s not often that I really like the bands that make use of our music submission page, but Tiny Animals definitely falls into that category.  The band started in 2007, has some really good songs.  My favourite is one of their most current ones “Up, up, and away,” which has just enough of an old school pop punk vibe for me to really get into, yet at the same time, it’s renovating enough not to sound like something I’ve heard a thousand times before.

The band consists of Chris Howerton on guitar, his sister Rita on drums, and  Anton Kreisl on bass, with all of the band members contributing to the vocals. Chris did not feel that the band members of his previous band, Fighterpilot, were on the same wavelength as him. Fighterpilot broke up when he realised that his sister, Rita Howerton, would be the only person he could trust to start a new band with. Read More

Marielou’s April 2017 Playlist

It’s the end of April already, time seems to be flying forwards right now and soon many of us students will have to deal with finals already. I’m dealing with my last few weeks of ‘freedom’ by listening to as much new music as possible, so here is my monthly playlist, packed with new, and of course old, music!


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