Marielou’s December 2016 playlist

It’s the last day of 2016, and I’m glad most of us survived it. The previous year has been filled with disasters, we lost countless stars and attacks have happened all over the world. For me, however, it has also been a year of miracles and fun. I got to know some amazing people, and got the chance travel and learn. So, with this last playlist, I wish you all a happy 2017.


Marielou’s November 2016 Playlist

I have my winter finals coming up in a few weeks, so right now I’m a mix of anxiety and procrastination because I know I should be preparing for my tests and doing the required reading for my language classes. But, I seem to ignore these things more often than not, so here are my avoid-studying songs!

  1. Pretty Little Distance – As It Is
  2. A Novel, Never Ending – We Are Forever
  3. Jungle Drum – Emiliana Torrini
  4. Find Me – Signa Ft. Birdy
  5. Youth – Daughter
  6. Snap Out Of It – Arctic Monkeys
  7. Madness – Sleeping With Sirens


Liv’s September 2016 Playlist

Wow, this playlist is a wildcard. Let’s just say it’s a pretty clear snapshot of my fairly broad taste in music. I definitely debated including the last track, but in the end I couldn’t resist sharing a video of my favorite vocalist singing my favorite love song. Give this little melting pot a chance and let me know what you think!

  1. Missin’ You – The Summer Set
  2. First Time – Carly Rae Jepsen
  3. Move – Little Mix
  4. Weight Of The World – Crown The Empire
  5. Flojo – Issues
  6. Let It Show – Skylar Stecker
  7. The Origin of Love – Andrew Rannells (live cover)

Blink-182 Summer Tour with A Day to Remember and All Time Low

This past weekend was my last before school started up again, and summer definitely went out with a bang! A friend of mine surprised me with pit tickets to the Blink-182 show at Hershey Stadium and certainly a night to remember.

Before the festivities began, DJ Spider warmed up the crowd with some songs and remixes, setting the stage for the party that was about to ensue.

First up was All Time Low, the band from my home state that never ceases to make me proud. During their set, Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 walked across the stage wearing a long, blonde wig, earning a smattering of laughter. Later in the set, guitarist Jack Barakat walked and played right through the crowd where I was standing and brushed against me (definitely a fan-girl moment if I’ve ever had one!). Despite technical difficulties that prevented them from playing their song “Missing You,” the set was fantastic.

Next, A Day to Remember took the stage, opening with “The Downfall of Us All” and kicking beach balls out into the crowd. The crowd was very energetic and the band did a great job of keeping it that way. They had both a creative and interactive set that included streamer cannons, toilet paper rolls and free t-shirts, which were all shot into the crowd. To make things even more interesting, frontman Jeremy McKinnon climbed into a giant blow-up hamster ball so he could crowdsurf over the pit. I didn’t think it was possible for them to top the first time I had seen them live, yet somehow they managed it.

Finally, Blink-182 came on and their set was literally on fire! As they played their opener, a big sign behind them spelling out the word “FUCK” went up in flames. In addition, they used other pyro effects including actual fireworks. They played a combination of their hit songs and songs off their latest record, “California.”

All in all, I can easily say this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Attention Californians: The Party MonsTOUR is coming your way!


I hope you’re not tired out from all those summer shows and festivals, because San Diego rockers Alive & Well and The Montell Jordans will be hitting your city next month and they’re ready to party! Make sure you check out Alive & Well’s new EP “From Basements to Beaches,” a dynamic record chock-full of pop-punk anthems and lyrics perfect for t-shirts. Also, pick up The Montell Jordans’ “Sweater Puppies,” a strong debut with inventive riffs, a crisp sound and memorable melodies. Keep up with or support Alive & Well here and The Montell Jordans here, and check out the dates below so you can put one on your calendar!


Penelope’s August Playlist

Hey! Here is my August playlist. I usually like to wait until a few days have passed because then I can get a feel for the vibe of that month, and then correlate that to the music I listen to.

  1. Empty Space – The Story So Far
  2. Gold – Kiiara
  3. Ghosts – PVRIS
  4. Blue – Troye Sivan
  5. No Good – Knuckle Puck
  6. The Night I Drove Alone – Citizen
  7. Cherry – Moose Blood
  8. Closer – The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey
  9. Gravel to Tempo – Hayley Kiyoko


Halsey’s Badlands Tour at the Festival Pier

Last night I got together with some friends and took the mini road trip to Philadelphia. The first thing that struck me when I entered the venue was its beauty. The Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing is located along the Delaware river with a picturesque view of the Ben Franklin Bridge, which lit up at night. The venue itself is covered in sand, complete with a boardwalk to give off an authentic beach vibe.

An alt-pop duo from London called Oh Wonder opened the show, performing several upbeat, fun songs for the crowd to jam to. The pair gave off a very positive energy, always smiling and taking the time to express their excitement about the tour and how much they loved Philly cheesesteaks.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.18.06 PM
Halsey opens with “Gasoline” on top of her stage set in Philadelphia

After Oh Wonder, Halsey opened her show atop an almost jungle-gym like set, sending the crowd into a frenzy. As someone who had never seen Halsey live before, I was blown away by her stage presence and energy.  Just from watching her perform, I could feel how passionate she is about her songs and delivering the best live show possible which made me respect her even more as an artist than before. My final verdict is that if you ever get a chance to see Halsey live, I definitely recommend taking it.

Without further ado, here is my Badlands Tour Vlog: